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The Floating Card Trick

flying card magic trick

floating card

The Floating Card is a magic trick that allows you to levitate a playing card. Give the card a spin and it mysteriously hovers in the air. The flying card goes through a hoop. It flies from hand to hand. You can even make the flying card fly around your body. It will float right up to your hand. This trick goes by a lot of names like hummer card (after bob hummer), hummingbird card, and in Las Vegas they refer to it as the UFO card.

First off, a description doesn’t do it justice. Go watch the video of the flying card at Revolution Magic. I’ve seen a lot of performances but this one is by far the best.

O.k., so you watched the video. Pretty awesome, right? Well lets get to the review.

I should say that some of the advanced moves take a decent amount of practice. Having said that, most of the tricks you do with it are pretty easy once you learn how to give a card a good spin. You are supplied with the secret material and the secret is revealed in the fully illustrated instructions.

So how do people react on the street to this magic trick. Well I’ve actually performed the floating card quite a bit. I have to say the flying card gets some of the best reactions. When you float a credit card out of someone’s hand they just freak out. When you start to fly it between your hands people are amazed, but when you make the card go around your body you just might see the most shocked and amazed faces you’ll ever see.

So if you don’t already have the floating card trick, I would highly recommend buying it. You can usually find it for between 10 and 20 dollars.  I hate to sound like a commercial for Revolution Magic, but I’d get it from them since they have the best instructions and they only charge $10 right now.


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